The “K” Krew

It’s been two years since I’ve photographed the K family, but I have to say that the kids are just as fun as ever – it was truly a delightful session and I had a ton of fun. 🙂

Center of the Universe

This little gal is the lucky one – definitely the center of the universe for her Grandma, Mom, Dad and Aunt & Uncle. Grandma commissioned a session to capture the family all together before 1/2 of them (Baby L, Mom, Dad & Uncle) moved to Ohio. I have a feeling Grandma & Aunt are going […]

They are going to be busy…

If you count the little fingers on the lower half of the belly, you will see 15. Divide those digits by 5 and you have three… and those are the already baked ones. Number 4 is still in the oven. With three kiddos, the session was bound to get a little crazy, but I had […]

back to basics

I started out almost 4 years ago with one studio light, a single black backdrop and a few willing subjects. This past Saturday I had the opportunity to get back to those basic elements again photographing a wonderful mom with her two boys. When she scheduled her session, she had a “look” in mind – […]