Creative Memories Jumbo Circle Template

I love the Creative Memories Jumbo Circle Template that is part of their iconic Custom Cutting System. If you do not have this template in your paper crafting tool kit you are definitely missing out!

I have several videos on my YouTube channel highlighting ways to use the Jumbo Circle and will share a few key ones to get you started below:

Marking Angle Reference Points

If you want to use your Jumbo Circle Template with your Creative Memories border punches, I strongly recommend marking your template’s angle dots so they are easy to find. The video below demonstrates how to do with using the gray 13×13 trimming mat from CM as a guide.

Printable Handout – Please do not alter this document

Using the Jumbo Circle with Border Maker Cartridges

The video below shows how to use the Jumbo Circle Template with Creative Memories Border Maker Cartridges* to punch in the round. Border Maker Cartridges (BMCs) are sized differently than the blue & white stand alone border punches from CM, so reference this video as a starting point for working with BMCs.

* Not all BMCs will punch in the round very well – you will want to experiment with your punches to see which ones work best. You may also need to adjust which blade you use to cut the initial circle.

Using the Jumbo Circle Template with Stand Alone Border Punches

The below video will be a great starting point for using Creative Memories stand alone border punches* with the Jumbo Circle Template. These blue and white punches are a little larger than the BMCs, so you will mark your template every 30° degrees and center your punch on the mark before punching. Just as with BMCs, not all border punches will work in the round very well – some require quite bit of fussy cutting to clean up after punching or they leave wedges.

*Frame Style punches (Petal Frame, Baroque, Arches & Geometric) are sized differently than other stand alone border punches. You will want to start with the the BMC video above for Frame Style border punches.

My Jumbo Circle Video YouTube Playlist

I have a total of 9 videos that I’ve made using the Jumbo Circle Template in various ways and have put them into a playlist:

Meggan Jacks Scrapbooking’s Creative Memories Jumbo Circle Playlist