Baby Portraits

Ahhh… there is nothing more cherished than a beautiful portrait of an adorable baby! While babies 6-8 months of age are my favorite subjects to photograph (they are typically happy and smiling but still relatively immobile!) I photograph infants of all ages.

I wrote an article with information about KEY AGES TO CAPTURE and highly recommend three stages: newborn (under 6 weeks), sitting (6-8 months) and standing (12 months).

For babies who are not sitting, a studio session is recommended. For babies who are sitting (6 months or older), an outdoor session may be an option, but I do suggest “testing” your baby in the grass as many infants do not care for the prickly sensation of a lawn. Weather is also a factor to consider as extremely hot or relatively cold temperatures may also be a distraction.

My specialty is beautiful studio portraits and I have an extensive variety of props and portrait accessories to choose from to make each portrait session special and unique.

Below is a sampling of my portfolio featuring babies who are 4+ months of age.

phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-01 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-02 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-03 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-04 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-05 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-06 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-07 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-08 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-09 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-10 phoenix-scottsdale-baby-photos-11