Welcome to Creative Memories

I am excited to welcome you to my Creative Memories Advisor Team! Whether you’ve joined to enjoy commissions on your own purchases, or you have plans to start a business, please consider me a resource for all things Creative Memories!

Now that you are an Advisor, new portions of the Creative Memories website will be unlocked to you. This area is commonly referred to as “Back Office” by advisors.

Back Office Quick Links

After you sign into your CM Account, your name will appear in the top menu. Click on your name to see a dropdown menu of quick links.

Advisor HQ

At the top of the Advisor HQ page, there is a link to past Advisor Newsletters as well as the contact details for CM Home Office. Please note that if you have to CALL customer service, you will need to leave a voice mail and they will call you back.

Click HERE to see the latest Advisor Newsletters 

For questions or assistance, email CustomerService@CreativeMemories.com (320-281-1424).
Customer Service hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm CT.
For digital questions, contact Digital@CreativeMemories.com
Submit product suggestions to CMProductSuggestion@CreativeMemories.com  

Below the contact information there are various graphics that are links to additional information. Below are screen shots of the current links available:

  1. Croptoberfest 2023 – Your quick link to info about Croptoberfest
  2. New Advisor Course – RECOMMENDED!!!
  3. Beginner Classes – another great e-course by CM!
  4. Puerto Vallarta Advisor Escape Links
  5. Penny App – This is great if you are building a business! Reach out to me if you have any questions about Penny.

The following links are standard links – see the descriptions in each box below for details.

While I am always happy to walk you through how to use the back office, there are some video resources available on the website under “My Courses.” I recommend the following courses to get started:

  • New Advisors Start Here
  • 3 Must Have Advisor Reports
  • Product Basics: Tools & Products Unique to Creative Memories

Note: You may be able to bookmark the My Resources home page to access without being logged in. I recommend doing this so that you can have one-click access.

Glossary of Terms

This is a very helpful document with various terms you will see used by Creative Memories Advisors.

Advisor Newsletters

Creative Memories sends out Advisor newsletters two times a week – once on Fridays and another on Mondays. These are generally sent around 12pm CT. They may arrive in your “Promotions” box if you use Gmail or in your spam box the first time they are sent to you. I suggest searching your email for “Creative Memories” and if you find it in promotions or spam, drag it back over to your inbox or mark it as a safe sender so that your email provider knows you want to see the emails.

FRIDAY EMAILS typically detail the new products or promotions that will launch on Monday. They will also announce items that get moved over to Last Chance (these are products that are getting ready to sell out and will not be restocked.) Fridays that include a sneak peek at what is launching the following Monday are known as “Preview Fridays.” Not every Friday is a Preview Friday – more on that in the next section.

MONDAY EMAILS typically include reminders of what is launching that day (if it’s a launch day) as well as event and sales recaps from the previous week.

New Product & Promo Launches

Products and promos (almost) ALWAYS launch on Mondays at 12pm CT.

For the most part, each month will have two launches – new product at the beginning and then, depending on the month, new product and/or a promo for the mid-month. Now, what throws things for a bit of a loop is that beginning of the month launch may actually happen at the end of the previous month. That actually happened 6 out of 12 months in 2022 and I expect we will see a similar pattern for 2023. When that happens, the 1st/3rd Monday “rule” doesn’t apply. I’ve kept a running list of month-by-month product/promo launches for the past several years. You can access it HERE.

There are only two promotions that repeat annually, though the specifics of the promotion vary year to year. The two promos are the Summer Promotion (second half of July) and the Black Friday Promotion (second half of November.) The rest of the promotional schedule varies year to year though it’s almost always the second part of the month.

Advisor Facebook Groups

Creative Memories Home Office (“Home Office”) runs a Facebook group for Advisors. It includes Canadian and American Advisors. It can be a GREAT resource, but it’s a HUGE group and can be overwhelming at times.

I also have a private team Facebook Group invite all of my team members to join.

Product Credit Coupon Code

You will receive a $50 product credit from Creative Memories after joining. These credits need to be used within 30 days of signing up. When you are in the checkout process you will see a spot that allows you to “Use CM Credits” and this is where you will enter in the number of credits you would like to use for the order.

If you reach Level 2 by selling or ordering $551+ within 60 days of signing up, you will receive $100 product credits. When you reach Level 2, your commission percentage increases from 10% to 25%!

Contact Me

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. An email or text is easiest for me to respond to and if we need to follow up with a phone call, that can be arranged!

Email: megganjacks@gmail.com

Text: 602-570-0698

Note: I am in Washington state on Pacific Time. My team business hours are 8-10 am PT, Monday thru Friday or by appointment. If you need assistance outside of those hours, please email me.