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Baby Photographer – Meet Maro!

Six month old Maro came to visit with his big, four-legged, furry sister Emma. Such a fun duo and definitely the delight of their parents lives!

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8 thoughts on “Baby Photographer – Meet Maro!

  1. Oh goodness, what a beautiful family! And that pic of the dog giving the baby kisses is hysterical! Love!

  2. Gorgeous work! Love that they brought in their furbaby, too!!

  3. Adorable! I love when families include their furry family members

  4. I am so glad they included the dog! I love the tongue in the last one.

  5. The dog just makes these photos for me… He’s killing me!! And that babes smile is melting my heart!!

  6. Awwwh so sweet to see the love between the baby and the dog. Beautiful family portrait as well!

  7. Precious! Love the family photos, and that tongue is kiiling me!

  8. Love that you included the dog in these family photos!

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