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Blog Carousel – Mystery Macro – Phoenix Professional Photographer

Here is something fun for you readers! I joined a “blog carousel” this month that is featuring great photographers with the theme of “Mystery Macros.”  So below you will see my entry and then a link to the next photographer’s blog post with their entry.  Have fun clicking through the links and figuring out the puzzles!

CLICK HERE FOR NEXT ENTRY: Danna Bowes – Calgary Family Photographer

Phoenix professional photographer, mystery macro

6 thoughts on “Blog Carousel – Mystery Macro – Phoenix Professional Photographer

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  2. Now you have me very curious. What is that? Is it a whisk?
    Great macro shot!

  3. hmmmm, I am not sure what it is. But I do like how the composition coupled with shooting it up close really makes the viewer’s eye go round and round and round the frame…which probably alludes to the actual use of the object.

  4. wonderful! I have no idea what this is! I also was thinking a whisk of some sort? You got me LOL

  5. this is really cool! I love that I have spent the last couple minutes looking at it and considering what it might be!

  6. Oh I love the composition of this! Very nice.

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