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Chandler Baby Photographer | Micah – 8 days

Micah brought his Mom and Dad in for some portraits last week.  He was chomping at the bit to get them done, he told me. Couldn’t wait. Also told me he wasn’t planning on sleeping AT ALL for his session. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t try to slip some sort of frufru baby item on him – he has standards, you know.  A reputation to uphold as a man’s man.

Now, as you all know, Micah really didn’t tell me these things, but I SWEAR if that boy had an LCD screen on his head relaying his thought to us, those would be the exact words.  We did get him to fall asleep, however. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to resist dozing off when they are swaddled in a warm blanket and swaying in Daddy’s arms.

Here are a few from the session. (And if you can’t tell, Dad is a HUGE baseball fan, coaching at one of the local high schools and with the Diamondback’s kids training camps.)

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  1. What a cuddly newborn

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