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|Chandler Newborn Photographer| Double the Fun!

I giggle a little every time I see these two boys – their mom informed me that her natural twins were an “efficient” way to establish a nice family of four. I have to admit that while I’ve never heard multiples pregnancy put quite in those terms, she’s correct. Very efficient! She and Dad have double the diapers, double the feedings, double the laundry but definitely double the fun!

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10 thoughts on “|Chandler Newborn Photographer| Double the Fun!

  1. That first image is simply amazing – mom is going to melt when she sees these! How can she pass any of them up?

  2. BEAUTIFUL and twins aren’t easy sometimes. Just perfect!

  3. They are just doubly adorable! The first image made me say “awww” out loud. I can see it hanging right between the two of them alone – what a gorgeous wall grouping that would make!

  4. They look so precious and peaceful – I’m sure that’s not what everyday life is like, though,lol! Mom need these BIG to help her through the busy days!

  5. ohhhh that first one is just precious! could they be any sweeter? bet it makes mom cry. 🙂

  6. absolutely beautiful!

  7. Oh how beautiful! Perfect newborn cuddliness captured.

  8. Ohhh that first one with them holding hands is too precious for words! That would be a big art piece in my house for sure. Great job – twin newborns are challenging, and you totally rocked these!

  9. These are lovely Meggan! I absolutely love them. I love that first one, and their individual images are gorgeous too!

  10. So beautiful and precious! Wonderful work!

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