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Couldn’t wait…

…. to share. While downloading these images to my PC tonight, I just HAD to edit a few to share on here. Baby M was a delight to photograph – she snoozed quite a bit and at the slightest bit of fussiness, she was easily soothed by Dad. She also qualifies as the smiliest newborn I’ve ever photographed!

How can you *not* fall in love with her?

phoenix baby photographer


phoenix newborn portrait



11 thoughts on “Couldn’t wait…

  1. Get out of here, I can not believe that SMILE! You’re right- how could you possibly NOT fall in love with her right away?! Gorgeous!!

  2. OMG these have got to be some of the best newborn shots ever!!! How did you get the baby to smile like that? Wow, just relooked at them….my goodness, perfect! The skin looks flawless. The parents are so lucky to have found you!

  3. WOW! These have such a dream like quality to them, great work!

  4. Now those are adorable. I love the super sweet smile in the first and the intense gaze in the last images. Awesome captures!

  5. OH wow…those are perfection! That smile shot needs to be HUGE on their wall!

  6. Meggan these are fabulous! I love the smiling picture….you did a wonderful job with these!

  7. Oh my word! Those smiles are just perfection. What a beauty!

  8. Love love love that smiling shot – it’s absolutely wonderful!

  9. wow these are just fabulous!!!! that first smiling shot is just awesome 🙂

  10. LOVE these! The smile is beautiful, but the serious look is just precious. Great work! How is mom ever going to choose – I recommend an album so you don’t have to give up any of these sweet images!!

  11. I love these images Meggan! The blanket is luxe and that skin so creamy! You did a magnificent job!

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