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Halloween 2009

I’ve managed to make it onto the Costume Express ( mailing list. I believe this year the first catalog arrived in June.  My son immediately latched on to the copy of it and proceeded to circle every costume in the book that he wanted. Then, in July, the 2nd copy of it arrived (I am not sure these companies are very eco-conscious!) and he once again circled all the costumes he wanted, but he paid particular attention to the Special Forces costume that featured a bullet proof vest and gas mask (two items he did NOT currently have in his arsenal of dress-up gear.)  Then, with the arrival of the THIRD catalog in August, I decided to actually get ahead of the game this year, and ordered the costume. Then the game of “don’t tell Kevin what is in the box” started. Around September 15th I gave in to the incessant questions (aka – whining!) and opened his costume for him. He did a really great job of playing with it carefully and kept track of all the pieces.

After last year’s disaster of a costume for Sarah (from age two to three she refused to wear dresses) I was a little bit skeptical that she’d go along with being Minnie Mouse. Thankfully she’s seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse enough to really enjoy Minnie and she also gave in to wearing dresses in September so the costume was a hit.

Here are some pictures from two weeks ago when we were visiting my parents in Des Moines. We took the kids to “Night Eyes” at Blank Park Zoo and the kids enjoyed getting dressed up to go trick or treating at the zoo.

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  1. They are too cute!!

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