Digital Files – Unleash the Potential!

You’ve made the right choice to have your precious moments captured by a professional photographer.  You decided that you wanted to have the ability to obtain your own prints and products from your portraits, so you purchased the print-ready files from your photographer.

CDYou receive a disc of images… now what?

If you haven’t done much with your digital files from your portrait session, don’t worry. You are not alone. I understand that it can be overwhelming when it comes to ordering prints and products – there are a multitude of vendors to choose from and the product options the vendors offer is vast.  It’s also difficult to tell the quality of the product when all you have to look at is a bunch of online product pictures. What if the product isn’t of nice quality? You just invested money in high quality files – you certainly don’t want to diminish their quality by having them printed in a sub-par manner!

Gift Prints | Wall Displays | Canvases | Storybook Albums | Cards | Photo Gifts

I am putting together a class to help my clients who have purchased digital files from me navigate through the consumer photo product world. We will chat about various vendors and products and I will have a variety of samples so you can get an idea, in person, about the quality available to consumers. My goal is to design a class that is informative and empowering so my clients can fully unleash the potential that is contained in their disc of images.

This class will be FREE for my clients. 

Please fill out the information below to help me as I design and schedule the class. If you know of a friend/family member who would benefit from a class (even if they’ve used another professional photographer or just have personal digital files they would like to learn how to utilize) please share this web page with them.

This workshop is currently being offered to MJP clients who have purchased digital files from their session.

If you are interested in taking the class but are NOT a current MJP digital file client, please fill out the form below and in the last section of the form indicate that you are a new client.  I am planning to offer this class to the public later in the spring or summer and will contact you with further details.

Note: This class will be about how to obtain prints and products from your digital files. We will not be covering how to take photos or edit the files.

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