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Monsters & Angels

We spent last weekend in Iowa visiting my parents. Being thin-blooded Arizonans, my husband, Sarah and I tried to spend as much time indoors as we could – we even make cookies to pass the time. Needless to say Sarah inherited my love of any and all things sweet! This will be printed as a 10×30 collage for her room! 🙂

Cute little girl eating a sugar cookie

We were a little disappointed to miss a majority of the snow, but we got lucky on Super Bowl Sunday as a winter storm blew in and dumped 2-3 inches on the ground – just enough for Kevin to drop to his knees, roll over and create a snow angel (which he said beats making a pebble rock angel in our front yard – yes, he’s tried it!)

boy in snow suit making a snow angel

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  1. I think that’s the cutest cookie monster I’ve ever seen! And that snow angel looks pretty handsome too.

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