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Newborn Photographer – Meet Harrison!

Mr. Harrison, or Hank, as he is called by his family, was a GEM in studio! Such a sweet little man!   I feel so privileged his momma selected me to be their photographer!

14 thoughts on “Newborn Photographer – Meet Harrison!

  1. SO sweet Meggan!! I love the shot of him and mom, and the yawning one is ADORABLE!! Beautiful photos, I’m sure mom will LOVE them. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous session Meggan. I love the yawning shot!

  3. What a cutie pie! Love the one of baby yawning – so cute! Great eye contact in #3!

  4. What an adorable little man he is. All of the images are beautiful but the one with his momma, it is seriously stunning.

  5. Oh Meggan; this is perfection…

  6. So precious newborn portraits and I love that contagious yawn image!

  7. YUM! What beautiful photos. I would have that black and white one on canvas on my wall for sure!

  8. so sweet- I love the relationship image it captures that sweet time that passes way to fast. OHHH makes me want another.

  9. I would not be able to pick just one – if this were my baby, I would have to have them all! He will change so fast, and these will only become more precious as he grows.

  10. What a bundle squishy loveliness. Could that little guy have THE most perfect newborn skin ever?! I love when you can catch the newborns looking around and taking in the world around them.

  11. Love the yawn! These are adorable Meggan.

  12. beautiful!! love these so much!!!

  13. super sweet photos. 🙂

  14. How adorable! And I love how alert he is – just beautiful work!

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