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November 30th

Umm… where did November go? I swear yesterday I was taking the kids around the block to trick or treat! It has definitely been a whirlwind month – Lots of great sessions and fun kids! 🙂 I will share a few of them…

Smiley little gal:

A VERY big boy – but lots of fun! He’s quite the international traveler – having lived in Ireland and now is headed to Australia with Mom & Dad!

Remember all those hands on the belly? Well, Baby J arrive and big brothers & sister are VERY happy with the new addition to their family!

Adorable trio from a session at DC Ranch Marketplace – I’ve photographed them since the youngest was a newborn – such fun to watch the kids grow! 🙂

I love his smile!

Little brother has that quiet charm that makes you want to hug him so tight! Stay tuned for a post in January that will showcase their new little brother due in early 08!