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|Phoenix Photographer| Brooke – 6 months

Miss Brooke was such an adorable peanut for her session – you may remember her from HERE, her newborn session this past October – so cute with her little daisy headband! She brought her headband along this time and as you can see, she has made quite the transformation from the sleepy little newborn to the bubbly, expressive 6 month old!

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10 thoughts on “|Phoenix Photographer| Brooke – 6 months

  1. That first image is so sweet, what a beautiful little baby girl.

  2. Cutie alert! What an adorable little girl. I just love the first one with her finger in her mouth. Awww…

  3. Oh my goodness, those eyes! What an adorable little sweetheart!

  4. oh my goodness that first one just puts a smile on your face doesn’t it! 🙂

  5. I just can’t help smiling at these! She is so pretty (no doubt she’s a girl even with that bit of hair!). Her parents will treasure these images forever.

  6. Oh she is the sweetest thing ever! What a cutie and these portraits are so beautiful!

  7. She is a cutie!!
    I just adore that first one with her expression and the happiness in her eyes. Beautiful portraits!!

  8. oh goodness what an adorable little girl! That first shot makes me smile.

  9. Oh is she adorable! LOVE that first image – perfect timing there my friend, catching that little finger in the mouth :).

  10. oh my… she is gorgeous…those eyes are heart melting!

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