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|Phoenix Photographer| What to Wear!

This week’s shopping took me to to browse for outfits – a little more personal for me as I am looking for something fun and colorful for my family for a portrait session we have scheduled while on vacation in northern Montana next month (I can already feel the cool breeze and the fresh mountain air!)

I found the dress first and fell in love – just love the vibrant color (I may have to work on a tan). And while it breaks my general rule to avoid sleeveless, it would be perfect paired with a darker denim jean jacket (which I conveniently already own!)

I have to admit, I am going to have to convince my hubby to wear the dark plum shirt.  To up the casual factor a bit, I will likely pair it with a white shirt underneath and he can wear it open.  For the kids – well, comfort is the key and while I found an ADORABLE dress for Sarah, she simply won’t have anything to do with dresses at this point, so I stuck with a magenta top and dark denim capris.

Hopefully this inspires you! (oh, and the dress is on sale this weekend! Whoohoo!)

what to wear to a portrait session

3 thoughts on “|Phoenix Photographer| What to Wear!

  1. Awesome combinations!

  2. I am off to buy that outfit for Mia for her summer portrait-a-thon! I think those outfits will look fabulous on you guys and the white shirt under the plum top will be fine for hubby.

  3. oh my goodness, this is totally helpful. i love the bright colors and how well they go together. what a fantastic idea!!!

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