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|Phoenix Professional Photographer| What to Wear Wednesday: Family Edition!

Considering that last week totally slipped away from me, I am a little late posting a family suggestion on what to wear for sessions. I am probably asked the most about how families should dress for sessions. My default suggestion, especially for studio sessions, is to wear solid black shirts and dark wash jeans – this is a “no-brainer” solution that will really allow your images to have a beautiful, classic look to them.

For those who want to venture out into the world of color for their family suggestions but don’t want to be “matchy matchy” I suggest working towards coordination of the clothing – a good rule of thumb is to put mom & dad into solids and then let there be some subtle color in the kids clothes. As shown below – the daughter’s sundress is establishing the color pallet for the other family members – by keeping the shirts of the other members in the same family as those contained within the sundress, the results should be pleasing.

what to wear to a family portrait

This is how I shop for my own family when I want some color in our portraits – I generally start with the girls – either for myself or my daughter.  I prefer to be in solids, so I will scout out the girls section for a outfit for Sarah that has colors that will compliment the whole family. Once I’ve found a few pieces that might work, I will take those to the women’s section to look for myself. The boys are last and usually end up with a solid polo or sweater, depending on the season.

So, some basic rules:

  1. Dark wash jeans are always an excellent choice. Avoid short dresses or skirts for the girls.
  2. Find one or two pieces that have some color/interest to them (nothing too crazy though) and build from there.
  3. Monochromatic is also a good choice – you can stay within the same color family, but mix/match the textures/fabrics of the clothing
  4. Dark solids are perfect for anyone who wishes to hide a little bit of extra weight.
  5. Dark shoes/socks are a must if you don’t want to be barefoot
  6. Stay away from sleeveless shirts tops you have Michelle Obama-style upper arms. 🙂

If you have any questions on how to dress for a family session, definitley let me know! Clothing choices are an essential part of ensuring that your portraits will be cherished and I am always available to help!