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Pregnancy…4 weeks too long!

For all the heavily pregnant gals out there, I want you to know you have a sympathetic friend here. Both of my children were born in the summer (8/18 & 7/31) and I can attest to the fact that there is nothing quite like enduring an Arizona summer when you are 7-9 months pregnant. The first pregnancy wasn’t so bad – I worked in an air conditioned building and I spent much of the evenings and weekends in the pool. The second summer pregnancy about did me in. Let’s just say Kevin learned to wear flip-flops VERY early that summer! I couldn’t even see my own feet let alone bend over far enough to tie his shoes. I will also admit that most days he ran around the house in his underwear unless he managed to pull his own pants on. It just took too much effort to get him dressed!

I have also come to the conclusion that pregnancy is 4 weeks too long for a reason. By week 40 you are so desperate to get that baby out that you don’t really care WHAT methods it will take to extract that child out of there, you just want her born NOW! I am a huge fan of epidurals, but this time last year when I was pregnant with Sarah, I was prepared to go all natural (and sell my first born! LOL) just so that I could come to the conclusion of my pregnancy!

So, my word to the wise for the Arizona ladies out there – try to avoid conception from August to December so that you don’t spend weeks 30-40 of your pregnancy in prime of the AZ heat! 🙂 However, if your little one demands that they be a summer baby, I highly recommend lounging in the pool with a cool glass of water or lemonade or a little shopping therapy at the mall to distract you from the heat!