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Product Showcase: Gallery Wrap Canvas

I can’t gush enough over the gallery wrap canvases. I absolutely love them, and I love them BIG! LOL. I have several samples in studio – I think the smallest I have is a 16×24 of Sarah from when she was a teeny tiny newborn (so yes, the 16×24 canvas is larger than life of her at that age!)

I came across a way to show a digital rendition of the gallery wrapped canvases, so you can expect to start seeing some samples in the ordering galleries from on.

What is really cool about this style of canvas is that the image itself wraps around the stretcher frame creating a finished piece that needs no additional framing before it is hung on the wall. The canvases have a very contemporary modern look to them (if you prefer a traditional look, canvases can be done so they are ready to frame.)

Here are a couple of digital samples using some favorite images from recent sessions:

2 thoughts on “Product Showcase: Gallery Wrap Canvas

  1. I love your visual aid!
    And I have to agree: bigger canvas is better.

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