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School pictures are like a box of chocolates…

… you never know what you are going to get!

The portraits below are NOT my children’s school portraits. Instead, they are the “mommy just spent 20 minutes drying/brushing your hair and it doesn’t look like a rat’s nest can I please take a picture of you” portraits that ultimately cost me $20 in a bribe to my 9 year old son (billed under Modeling Fees for the IRS 😉 )

The occasion for the “mommy is going to need a glass of wine before 9am” event  was School Picture Day. Normally hair is quickly brushed, put up in a pony tail and called “good enough.” On SPD, we talked about good smiles (“Think of Daddy wearing a dress!”) and not spilling the school breakfast on picture day clothes.

After a reasonably successful at home portrait session, I thought we were good to go for school pictures. Sort of a dry-run if you will. They should be primed and ready!  Worked PERFECT for my son. As for my 1st grade daughter – well, a little thing called lunch recess on a 110 degree day foiled my efforts. The final results was a picture where she literally looks like a hot mess.

Needless to say, we will be doing retakes and hoping that the new picture will be what is on the class composite and in the year book. Hopefully a 2nd time around (and sub 100 degree weather) will produce better results. Thankfully I don’t rely on school  portraits for holiday gifts!

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