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|Scottsdale Child Photographer| Maddie (5) & Melanie (2)

I first met Maddie when she was her sister, Melanie’s age, waaaayy back in early 2006. Well, to keep all things fair and square between two sisters, Miss Melanie needed to have some gorgeous portraits to celebrate her own 2nd year!  Maddie, Melanie and I (oh, and their mom!) had great time dancing and laughing.

scottsdale child portraits

sisters portrait

2 thoughts on “|Scottsdale Child Photographer| Maddie (5) & Melanie (2)

  1. Love her chubby little cheeks and that sister hug… awww…

  2. What GREAT expressions, she makes me smile! And way to go on the sibling shot, it just melts my heart.

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