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Scottsdale Newborn Photographer | Dante

For my regular readers, it won’t be any surprise when I say I am BEHIND on blogging images from sessions. I am a little better at updating the MJP Facebook page, so if you are on FB, please look it up. 🙂

Here are a few favorites from a recent portrait session with newborn Dante.  Such a fun session – he has older twin siblings – there will be a LOT of love and laughter in his house as he grows up!

newborn photographer

scottsdale newborn photographer

scottsdale newborn photographer


3 thoughts on “Scottsdale Newborn Photographer | Dante

  1. Those pictures are amazing! Wish you were in Iowa!

  2. You’re awesome, Meggan – how in the world did you get this adorable pose? Always enjoy seeing your work!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Polly – LOTS of patience is the key – well, that and a baby who is happy to pose. LOL 🙂

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