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Scottsdale Pregnancy Photographer – Waiting for Lily

In keeping with the pattern that started earlier this year, Mr. Will, whom I photographed when he was a little baby at 4 months of age, brought in his gorgeously pregnant mom for a set of maternity portraits. Will has the same smile he had when he was a tiny guy (see his baby portraits HERE).

Will wasn’t 100% sure about the whole portrait process – there are by far better things to explore in my studio than stand in one spot while the lady with the camera tries to get your attention. Thankfully, with a little patience and some minor trickery, we captured a set of images that are simply divine!

scottsdale pregnancy photographer

4 thoughts on “Scottsdale Pregnancy Photographer – Waiting for Lily

  1. I love these images, so timeless and simple, with gorgeous lighting. Beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous mama and adorable little guy. Great images!

  3. Beautiful and timeless maternity photographs!
    I just love the one of big brother and just the belly showing. He looks so excited about the new baby. Great job capturing this special stage of their life!

  4. I ADORE the silhouette with big brother – so sweet! <3

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