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Secret Garden

I absolutely love it when I get the opportunity to photograph clients in DC Ranch – they sure know how to put together some spectacular green oasis out there in north Scottsdale! Too bad they hide them behind guard gates. 🙂 Ahh.. but my clients had connections to get access to this secret garden. Shhhhhhh….

I hadn’t seen this dynamic M&M duo since May of 2005 and I was caught off guard by how much older the girls are! I guess I expected them to stay the sweet little gals I met two years ago – oh, they still are sweet, but there is getting to be a little sass in there too. I have to say, I had a blast!

All photos & text copyright 2007 by Meggan Jacks Photography

2 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. That looks like a fantastic sister session.
    You really captured that special bond.

  2. This set shows real involvement and skill on the part of the photographer. These pictures are streets ahead of 90% of professionals in our town, and I wish our local family photographer was half as good.

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