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|Sneak Peek| Sloane – 14 days

Meet Sloane – the newest addition to one of my favorite families and the little sister to Holden, who was first introduced on the blog WAY back in April 2007 in THIS post.  I just have to say that TIME FLIES! Sloane was a peach of a newborn – so snuggly and new – I almost didn’t want to give her back!

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father daughter newborn portrait

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10 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Sloane – 14 days

  1. awwww, I wouldn’t want to give her back either! That last image makes me want another baby and we’re D.O.N.E! Those lips, that hair, those tiny fingers, and that sweet peely skin. Could Daddy be any more in love with his little girl? I hope he gets that one for his desk!

  2. What a little angel baby. So sweet Meggan. I am especially fond of the image you’ve captured of Daddy kissing his little girl, surely this will be treasured for a lifetime.

  3. she is beautiful, and I adore that wide awake shot…so hard to get with a newborn. The shot with daddy is precious, she will cherish that when she is grown!

  4. Awww Sloane is absolutely precious!

  5. SO many sweet images! I love the one of her and dad.

  6. Oh, I love that 2nd one – you can see dad smiling as he kisses her, so my guess is that little lady is well on her way to having daddy wrapped around her finger! Definitely an image to showcase forever!

  7. oh rock on posing here girl! That last one is heart melting!

  8. Oh wow that last image just made me gasp. What beautiful memories you have created for her family to treasure for years to come.

  9. This is what newborn photography should be. You captured every perfect moment. (and I adore her name!)

  10. Awwwwe, she is simply adorable!!! Meggan, I love these, they are so soft and girly. And I love the first one with the smile and the bow! Perfect hi key!

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