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|SneakPeek| Vanessa – 6 months

Miss Vanessa came to visit today to celebrate her six month birthday with some beautiful portraits! I promised her Mom some sneak peeks this weekend – These are just a few of my faves – I saw SOOO many adorable ones in the mix. Hard to choose the ones to show on here! 🙂

anthem baby photographer

phoenix christening baby portraits

phoenix baby photographer

phoenix baby portraits

23 thoughts on “|SneakPeek| Vanessa – 6 months

  1. She is adorable and OMG such wonderful photos, I would want them all!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I would have to have that first one super big…love the softness of the baby contrasting with the texture of the bowl…you can’t buy better art than that!

  3. What a beautiful baby! That first image is just perfection.

  4. Look at those eyes! What a little beauty. 🙂

  5. Wow! She has big beautiful eyes. Love the first one.

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! That first one is fabulous!

  7. oh my!! that first image is absolutely stunning. If she were mine I would have to have that huge!!

  8. squeal what a cute lil petite thing she is (reminds me of my dd at that age). I love the strong eye contact but that gown is beautiful. I sure hope they get a few of these nice & big!!

  9. Look at those big eyes! She’s a doll. I especially love the first…perfection!!!

  10. Wow! What a cute, cute baby. Love those big eyes!

  11. She is a beautiful baby and I love her big eyes.

  12. These are all fantastic! I can’t pick a favorite.

  13. Beautiful, that first one is perfect, wonderful eye contact….and I just love seeing little babies in their christening gowns, bless them…

  14. Simply gorgeous! I just think #1 is sensational, followed closely by #3. The mummy will be sooooo in love with these

  15. Wow, look at those eyes!! these are beautiful!

  16. What a complete and utter cutie!
    My fave is the one in the polka-dot dress!

  17. wow LOVE the first shot!!!! your lighting is just perfect in all of these

  18. Ooooh,those last two are just gorgeous! All of them are!

  19. awww! look at her! she’s just a doll!!! love these!

  20. Oh my! One could get lost in those beautiful eyes! Your lighting is perfection!

  21. what a beauty. that first one is especially gorgeous!

  22. Look at those eyes! Gorgeous photographs.

  23. oh my, those eyes! These are beautiful captures of a beautiful baby. Nice work.

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