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|Sneek Peak| Jake – 6 months

I love how roly-poly 6 month old babies can be – they are just packing on the pounds until they get the muscles and coordination to crawl around. Jake is no exception to the chubby-bubbly little 6 month old rule – LOVE his rolls! 🙂

phoenix baby portraits

phoenix baby photographer

6 month old baby portraits

13 thoughts on “|Sneek Peak| Jake – 6 months

  1. Aww what a cutie, love those chubby arms!

  2. Oh my gosh I just wanna squeeze him! Your images capture this time perfectly!

  3. How adorable Meggan!! I love his little rolls, gorgeous images!

  4. oh wow, what a cutie!

  5. He’s adorable. I love the second one.

  6. He’s adorable. I love the second one.

  7. Oh my goodness. How cute!

    Love the one with the hat!

  8. Oh my! His little smile just melts my heart!

  9. Love those rolls…and the tiny drop of drool on his chin…Beautiful work!

  10. I love little chubby rolls too……….he is just gorgeous. Love your work

  11. What a cutie!

    Beautiful work.

  12. Wow! This guy is absolutely adorable. Sigh. You do amazing work!

  13. what a sweet smile!

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