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Arizona Adoptions | A Family Wanting To Adopt

I have a special introduction for a very special family who is near and dear to me. Christi and her daughter Bella (as a suprise for Dad, Rick)  had the pleasure of being one of the first families I photographed when I started business nearly 6 years ago.  Realizing that we had a TON of things in common (love of cupcakes being one of them!) we became great friends and have decided that Bella and Kevin will one day marry each other so that we can fight over who gets to take care of the grandkids.

But, I digress…  What I want to share that Rick, Christi and Bella are wanting to complete their family through the adoption of a child. As Christi shared on her recent holiday card:

… word of mouth is one of the most successful paths to adoption. As you are catching up with friends and family this holiday season, if you hear of anyone who may be in a situation where they are looking to place a child for adoption, we hope that you’ll pass our information along to them.

So, as you are gathered around the table this holiday season, gossiping (c’mon! we all do it!) about the happenings of the past year and speculating about the New Year, feel free to gossip about a wonderful family in Arizona that is hoping that 2010 will bring them a new member of the family to welcome with lots of love and adoration.

To find out more about Rick, Christi and Bella, visit their adoption PAGE and be sure to stop by the BLOG.

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