Phoenix Newborn Photographer – Hurricane Wesley

Wesley came to visit me this summer when he was right around a month old – wide-eye and chipper.  He obviously thought he was too old for this “sleeping” thing, but I am a patient photographer and willing to work with all the little things that babies throw my way. 🙂 His beautiful blue eyes […]

Miss Lily’s Newborn Portraits

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Will – a precocious 2 year old little boy who was simply adorable at his mom’s maternity session. Well, his little sister has made her appearance in the world and Will brought her in for her first portraits when she was a mere 9 days old.  I […]

Newborn Photographer – Meet Anderson!

The perfect start… As a newborn photographer, when your session with an 10 day old starts off with a smile – and I mean HIS smile – then you know it’s going to be a great day! Meet Anderson – And adorable little fellow who mom swears looks EXACTLY like his older sister did when […]

Phoenix Newborn Portraits – Meet Nixon!

This little sweetie came in a couple of months ago for her first portrait session. At almost 5 weeks of age she was very expressive and WIDE awake for a majority of the session. Mom indicated that she really liked the color purple and so I worked with that as an overall theme, incorporating purple […]

Phoenix Newborn Photographer – Athena

This is a session from two years ago that I somehow neglected to share! Mom contacted me recently to order a few additional prints from Miss Athena’s newborn portrait session and it was a great trip down memory lane to look through these images. As you can see, she was a sweet and adorable newborn […]

Newborn Photographer – Meet Grant

I may have mentioned this has been the spring of second siblings? Well, Mr. Grant is no exception to that trend!  Grant had a lot of expectations to live up to as his older brother, Hank, now two years old, was a DREAM baby to have in studio for this photographer. Grant rolled with the […]

Newborn Photographer – Relationships

One of my favorite parts of all newborn sessions is capturing the relationship images with Mom, Dad and older siblings.  I always encourage my clients to participate in the sessions as these are truly moments that are precious and unrepeatable. Questions wondering if older siblings can participate in the session are met with a resounding […]

Phoenix Newborn Photographer – Meet Alexa!

A trend I love to see and hope it continues for years and years is that of photographing younger siblings of my previous newborn clients. I just love watching families expand! Miss Alexa is the newest addition to a fabulous family I met just over two years ago with when big brother Ben was just […]

Newborn Photographer – Skylar

Here is another new addition to a family I photographed a few years ago when their first child arrived.  Miss Skylar is the new addition to the G family and now Kingston is a big brother! Such a beautiful newborn portrait session!

Tempe Newborn Photographer – Meet Declan!

The BEST compliment I receive (and truly, some of the best news!) is when I have a client call to tell me they have a new baby and want to schedule another newborn session. I had the pleasure of meeting the R family three years ago when Miss Kate was born and then Mom contacted […]