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Oops! Bad Mommy!

My baby girl turned 2 while we were out of town on vacation – Poor girl – she really got the shaft in terms of a celebration.  Her gift from us was a stuffed animal from a truck stop! Bad bad Mommy & Daddy! She did get a total of three birthday cakes over the course of a week, so she shouldn’t complain TOO bad.

These pics are from a month ago when we were in Iowa visiting my parents. I love shooting my kids on their property – they have such beautiful trees and lush grass!  And the sunsets – OMG – simply amazing. I need to photograph them next time we visit.

Anyway – here is Miss Sarah-Bear:

9 thoughts on “Oops! Bad Mommy!

  1. Oh she is such a cutie! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

  2. Oh, I think you’re a good mommy~ Just
    think of all of the photos she will have to
    look at when she is bigger.

    She’s adorable! Happy Birthday!

  3. She has such a beautiful smile!

  4. oh she is adorable!!!! Happy Birthday ♥

  5. happy birthday cutie pie!

  6. Awwww!! She’s so adorable Meggan!! Happy birthday to your big girl!!

  7. Happy Birthday Big girl!

  8. That child just gets more & more beautiful!

  9. She is seriously so stinking cute. Happy Belated Birthday ..

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