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|Sneak Peek| In like a lion… out like a lamb – 5 Months

Miss E showed up on Saturday morning with her big eyes and gorgeous grin!

How can you not smile at this one:

Phoenix baby photography

Grabbing her toes!

arizona children's photographer

Hanging on tight to Dad!

father daughter portrait, phoenix family photographer

*SIGH* – Simply beautiful!

beautiful sleeping baby, phoenix baby portrait

10 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| In like a lion… out like a lamb – 5 Months

  1. awww she is just adorable! I love the third image over dad’s shoulder, gorgeous expression

  2. She is sooo beautiful! Look at those lashes!

  3. Oh my, the first image just made me giggled out loud, what sweetie but then the last image made me ‘sigh’, how perfectly divine.

  4. Oh my that first image had me giggling. It is so wonderful as it shows such personality along with that beautiful face!!! That last image of her sleeping as ALWAYS a winner because babies won’t ever look that way again. They grow up so fast. Nice work Meggan Jacks.

  5. Awww . . . look at her! She is sooo cute! That first image DID make me smile, really big.

  6. That 1st one made me giggle but wowsa on the last one. Beautiful color, she has such feminine features.

  7. I love babies grabbing their feet – and you got it!

  8. Oh now that is just way too cute!! I love these Meggan…what a great showcase!

  9. She is simply darling. What beautiful captures!

  10. Oh wow..look at those lashes!! Wonderful, love the feet grabbing shot!

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