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|Sneak Peek| Little Man C – 1 Year

Mr. C came to visit with his Mom and Dad on Thursday afternoon – we had a GREAT time! He started off not 100% sure that I was okay – I had this huge black thing in front of my face and when I clicked a button a HUGE light would flash in his eyes! What in the world??? 🙂 As the session progressed, he realized I am a really nice person who likes to make silly noises and play peek-a-boo. It’s all good! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Little Man C – 1 Year

  1. Oh what a happy little guy! His parents have to be thrilled; he looks adorable!

  2. That first picture is PERFECT!! He is darling and so smiley!

  3. aww…what a cutie pie! You got such cute shots of him!

  4. awww, the last one, so cute. What an adorable little peanut. Yep, that last one makes me smile.

  5. Wow, he is SO cute!! Your images are beautiful, so clear and striking- gorgeous work!

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