Baby Photographer – Meet Andre!

This little guy had the most intense gaze I’ve seen in a baby his age (about 8 weeks.) He made such good eye contact with the camera that I think he may have a modeling career in his future – just adorable!

Certification Creates Confidence

You may have noticed the words CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in a few places on my website and blog and wondered exactly what that means and why do I make such a big deal out of it? When I first set out to obtain my CPP designation, it was purely self-motivated challenge.  I never intended to promote […]

Baby Photographer – Braxten is 6 months!

It’s always so fun when my little newborn clients return for their six month portraits. They are usually so full of grins and pleased as punch they’ve reached the sitting up milestone! Braxten is no exception!

Baby Photographer – Meet William!

It was a dark and stormy Friday afternoon…but you wouldn’t have known it based on the fun we had in the studio with Mr. William’s 4-month session! I am really starting to LOVE The 4-5 month age group – full of smiles, grabbing their toes, snuggling with Mom and Dad. Definitely portrait worthy milestones to […]

Phoenix Photographer | Love Letters

Last weekend I did an impromptu session with my kiddos in an attempt to capture some Valentine-esque portraits to send to the Grandparents. Thankfully both kids cooperated (you just never know what their mood will be!) and I am in love with the results. 🙂 I thought I would share the L-O-V-E on this Valentine’s […]

Phoenix Newborn Photographer | Baby Lavika

Miss Lavika decided to surprise her parents nearly 9 weeks early!  Once she had the “all clear” from her doctors, her parents celebrated the milestone with a beautiful newborn portrait session.  Here are some session favorites:

Phoenix Newborn Photographer | Baby Holden!

This little man was born late this summer to one of my favorite clients. :)  I photographed big brother C two years ago and was THRILLED to photograph his new little brother Holden – I have a feeling Mom is going to be a busy busy woman!

Phoenix Baby Photographer | Grace at 7 months!

The only thing better than having your own brand new baby is for your best friend to have a new baby that you can spoil and then hand back to Mom when she’s grumpy. :)  Grace came into the studio in November (yes, I am THAT far behind on blogging!) to model some new accessories […]

Phoenix Baby Photographer | Mia at 6 months!

Miss Mia is always a treat to photograph! We had a BLAST at her 6 month session at the end of October.  She’s got a wardrobe that would make any gal jealous! 🙂 Here are a few of my faves!

Phoenix Baby Photographer | Miss Audrey

I am WAY behind on blogging sessions so if you are a Facebook Fan you may have seen these adorable portraits already… and if you AREN’T a fan, you have a LOT of explaining to do!!! MJ PHOTOGRAPHY ON FACEBOOK Now, on to the beautiful Miss Audrey. I hope you are ready to fall in […]