Why Should You Hire a Certified Professional Photographer

I am proud to hold the designation of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). Through a somewhat intense process of studying, testing and image submission/review, I achieved the designation in early 2011. While the CPP designation isn’t new, it has only been recently that the Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA) has started actively taking steps towards educating the […]

Miss Selah – Newborn Photographer

Such a sweet ray of sunshine!! This little gal will be able to wear any color she wants – gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Huge thanks to her Mom & Dad for sharing her with me!

Newborn Photographer – Caden

What a cutie at 10 days old!  

Family Photographer – Keegan & Barron

You’ve already met Miss Kensley, so now it’s time to meet her big siblings – Keegan & Barron. 🙂 So much fun to have in studio!   

Newborn Photographer – Miss Kensley {7 weeks}

Little Kensley was quickly approaching the 2 month mark when we did her session, but she was still game for playing dressup and even curling up like a tiny newborn towards the end of her session. 🙂 So much fun!  We followed her session a few days later with sessions for her older siblings, Keegan […]

Newborn Photographer – Meet Hugh!

This little charmer was one of my first sessions of 2012.  So alert for the first 1/2 of his session and then he drifted off to a nice deep sleep. 🙂

Baby Photographer – Gemma at 8 Months

My neice Gemma has reached the fun age of 8 months. I’d like to say that she adores her Aunt Meggan, but at her session, she was definitely giving me the stink eye. ;)  I will just blame it on teeth issues (hers, not mine! haha!) We persevered and with her mom acting like the total […]

Certification Creates Confidence

You may have noticed the words CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in a few places on my website and blog and wondered exactly what that means and why do I make such a big deal out of it? When I first set out to obtain my CPP designation, it was purely self-motivated challenge.  I never intended to promote […]

Newborn Photographer – Meet Rachel

This is a quick trip back in the time machine – for various reasons I failed to get this little beauty up on my blog when she was still tiny newborn, but even though she’s MUCH bigger now, her newborn session remains one of my favorites. Her peaches and cream complexion went perfectly with the peachy […]

Phoenix Baby Photographer – Bennett is 1!

This fun little guy came to my studio last month to commemorate his first birthday. We had a lot of fun playing with cars, beating on a tin tub and pushing around a small stool. We even had CAKE to destroy, but BY FAR his favorite part of the session, based on his adorable grins […]