Scottsale Professional Photographer – Little Miss Chatterbox

Miss Hannah is going to be a talker – at not-quite-one-year-old, she is one of the most vocal “babies” I have ever photographed.  And she does it in the most adorable fashion – chattering on for a few minutes and then breaking out into a delightful set of giggles and grins. It’s as if she’s […]

Birthday Boy! Braxten is One!

What better way to celebrate the first year milestone than with birthday portraits?! Braxten was showing off all of his awesome skills – walking, baby talk, throwing things… hmm.. maybe giving him the baseball wasn’t such a great idea! We had a fantastic time and the portraits are divine!

Phoenix Baby Photographer – Ivy is One!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Ivy – she is such a charming little girl – smiling and clapping and just absolutely adorable. I didn’t want to let her go home, but I think her happiness level was tied into the presence of her mom and it would likely plummet if Mom left without her.  Miss Ivy […]

Baby Photographer – Maxwell is One!

Wow – where does time go???  This little guy started life off last year as a tiny little peanut and now he’s a rambunctious, toddling  one year old! We had a lot of fun at his session!

Phoenix Baby Photographer – Bennett is 1!

This fun little guy came to my studio last month to commemorate his first birthday. We had a lot of fun playing with cars, beating on a tin tub and pushing around a small stool. We even had CAKE to destroy, but BY FAR his favorite part of the session, based on his adorable grins […]

|Phoenix Baby Photographer| Malia – 1 Year!

Just before I departed for Montana (I promise a post full of pics of that later!) I was able to spend a morning with Malia and capture her 1 year portraits.  I just finished up her gallery and wanted to share some of the “cake destruction” pictures – just SOOOO cute!