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|Phoenix Newborn Photographer| Ashley – 10 days

Unfortunately I’ve fallen a bit behind and this preview is a week overdue! Miss Ashley was a peach of a model for me – just happy as a clam to doze off after a good feeding and snuggle in with her parents for some adorable relationship portraits. What more could I ask for? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “|Phoenix Newborn Photographer| Ashley – 10 days

  1. awww, that image with Mom and Dad – perfect wall portrait right there! And the eye contact in the last one? How do you do that?!? I just love her sparkly eyes and “hello world” look.

  2. All are beautiful but the one of mom and dad looking adoringly at their new little girl is just priceless! I agree with Kim — it would be the perfect wall portrait!

  3. Beautiful little baby!
    I love the last one with him so alert and curious as to what is going on.

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