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professional newbor baby portrait photographerWhen it comes to your newborn portraits, experience matters.

Tiny, squishy, fresh newborn babies are some of my favorite subjects to photograph, and with 10 years experience as a Phoenix newborn photographer and more than 300 newborn portrait sessions completed, I feel I can wear the hat of “expert.” Even though I’ve photographed so many tiny babes, I still enjoy each new one that comes through my studio doors. I just adore their little facial expressions and always make sure to get in a little snuggle time of my own with each one who comes to visit me.

It’s not just about your new baby, but about your family too!

While it’s a joy to create beautiful portraits of just the baby, some of my favorite newborn photos feature relationship portraits of Mom & Dad getting cozy with their baby. Their love and adoration for their new child is precious and unrepeatable! The best time to take newborn portraits is when your baby is 5-14 days.  I have an informative blog article on why newborn age matters in photography. :)

Have an older child that you want to include in the session? No problem! As you can see from my portfolio images below, I have plenty of experience capturing photos that include and older brother or sister with their new baby sibling.

What to bring to your session?

One of the first questions clients ask me about having a newborn sessions with MJP is “What do I need to bring with me?’  In all honesty, all I really need from you is your baby!  One of the great things about choosing me as your newborn photographer is that you have access to ALL of my session accessories – a vast assortment of blankets, hats, tutus, bows, baskets and other containers that I have been collecting over the past nine years.  Whether you prefer a timeless, classic look to your newborn portraits or you like over-the-top accessories, I can style the perfect session for you!

What to expect at your session?

I have an in-depth article outlining what you can expect at your newborn session – definitely take a chance to read it to find out more!

Below is a small glimpse of my extensive portfolio and more images can be found by clicking on the ARIZONA NEWBORNS category of my blog.

photo of a little girl gazing at her newborn brother, portrait of parents holding their baby boy

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