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Scottsdale Child Photographer – Run Sammy, Run!

Eighteen months ago Sammy gave me a run for my money at Scottsdale Civic Center plaza for his 2 year portraits. Last November we went for a merry chase around DC Ranch Market Street to capture some beautiful holiday portraits with his mom and Grandma. This year we ventured to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale for holiday portraits. Sammy has grown into a really delightful boy – he’s slowed down *a bit* and love to flash his handsome smile! It’s always a pleasure to see children grow year after year!

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9 thoughts on “Scottsdale Child Photographer – Run Sammy, Run!

  1. Love the bright happy color in these, just like childhood itself! Glad that his mom is in some of the images, she will never be sorry for that – especially as he grows.

  2. What an adorable little boy!

  3. adorable! He has such a lovely smile. Looks like you got a great workout.

  4. So adorable! What fun shots!

  5. Look at that sweet and adorable little boy! Love the variety you captured here and the big smile from him. He clearly had a lot of fun during this session with you!

  6. these are precious! I would love some pictures of my children like this.

  7. These are so full of personailty and fun!

  8. he is a sweetheart! It is such a treat to watch the little ones grow from year to year! Lovely session!

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