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|Sneak Peek| Jackson – 3 weeks

This sweet little guy arrived JUST in time for Christmas – I think he heard all the hubbub of holiday preparations and wanted to see for himself what the fuss was all about…  I don’t think a parent could ask for much more than to spend the holidays suggling with their brand new baby!

I had the pleasure of photographing Jackson at 3 weeks of age and he was such a gentleman – crossing his legs when asked and falling asleep with just a little rocking in mom’s arms. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Jackson – 3 weeks

  1. He is just gorgeous, what a wonderful present for mum and dad. You have captured him beautifully.

  2. OH that second image is so lovely and sweet!! What a beautiful newborn. Nice session as well! It’s also nice that you actually got such alert shots as well! He was looking right at ya.

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