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|Sneak Peek| Jax – 11 days

I will admit – Jax wasn’t overly excited about his session. He was a real trooper but ultimately had other ideas on how he’d prefer to be spending his morning. But, I am happy to report that we prevailed in the goal of obtaining precious newborn images. 🙂 Here are a few:

tempe newborn photographer

I love this capture – he’s getting a little squirmy. I find it adorable how they squish their faces.

phoenix newborn portraits

The start of a BIG yawn!

This one needs to be a large wall portrait displayed in a location where you can view it daily. 🙂 As the mom of a boy, I can promise you it’s the type of image that you gaze at and “remember when” while you are cleaning chocolate pudding up off the carpet or black sharpie marker off of the dinning room table!

(Been there, done that for both scenarios!)

black and white newborn photography

9 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Jax – 11 days

  1. He is darling. You got some great images. I really like #2 with the squished up face. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous captures. #2 is great, I too love squishy faces. And the commentary about the last image is so true. You really do need sweet images like this on your wall to get you through the boisterous years LOL.

  3. What a cutie! Gotta say I love the squishy face and little pouty lip in that 2nd one too. And his hands up by his face make the shot even better!

  4. What a great name! He is just adorable! I’m sure his parents will be thrilled with these!

  5. Beautiful work! What a sweetheart he is!

  6. What a cutie!! Love his name too! Gorgeous work!!

  7. I adore your newborn work! You always capture the best expressions!

  8. Hee hee hee! What a total cutie!

  9. Based on your blog header and this post I would say you definitely get a lot of expressions from babies. I adore that last one sooooo much.

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