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|Sneak Peek| Mr. K – 6 years

This guy is a kid after my own heart – he has two cats which are his FAVORITE things in the world! He told me that they don’t sleep with him because they are too fat to jump up in his top bunk but I still bet they love to cuddle with him when he’s relaxing on the couch!

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9 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Mr. K – 6 years

  1. Meggan these are awesome!! What a handsome little man you captured him so well he looks like a total sweetheart. 😀

  2. What a handsome guy!

  3. Such a cute little dude!

  4. What a handsome little fellow he is! Beautiful work.

  5. ah! what a great looking kid!

  6. That first one made me gasp! I love it when an image of a child also hints at the man he will become, and that one does it for sure!

  7. Oh handsome is he! Great shots!

  8. What a hansome little guy. It is wonderful that his mom scheduled a session for him. Often, I think once our kids are over 5 and usually in school, we don’t have them photographed nearly enough.

  9. I still remember when Kathryn just met Joe. And there this is this adorable little man that resulted from all that! Bravo!

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