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|Sneak Peek| Siena – 2 weeks

This little beauty came to visit me this week – SUCH a doll! A couple images to share from her gallery:

phoenix newborn portrait

phoenix baby picture

arizona baby portrait

12 thoughts on “|Sneak Peek| Siena – 2 weeks

  1. She is so precious! Love her name – love these images!

  2. Big fan of the little piggies shot – even her little hand by her mouth is perfect. Adorable little girl and I love her name!

  3. Awww – she is so cute! I love her little baby curled up hands by her face!

    jen 🙂

  4. What a sweetie!!! She looks so peaceful.. love the feet shot!

  5. Awww, Megan I love love love that foot shot, sooo perfect. These are just all about contentment, what a perfect baby and what perfect images.

  6. She is so sweet and sleepy! love her little chubby cheeks. Beautiful work.

  7. awww, love these. The little toes shot is perfect.

  8. AW – that first one is so so sweet, innocent – beautiful!!

  9. Meggan, I love your newborn work. Without exception! These images make me want to have a little one all over again. So beautiful

  10. so sweet Meggan, love the chubby lil face, she looks so peaceful 🙂

  11. Oh, what a sweet baby. Love those cheeks!

  12. oooh, those piggie toes, that soft blanket- what a BEAUTIFUL baby! Gorgeous images!

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