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Wall Portrait Sizes

I am working on a comprehensive ordering guide to assist clients while they are placing their portrait orders. Tonight the page I was working on is tips on choosing the appropriate size of wall portrait. I spent WAY too much time on the diagram to illustrate the various size relationships, so I figured I’d share it. 🙂

Choosing An Appropriate Wall Portrait Size

We often think of 8x10s as the standard enlargement size. I encourage you to think larger for your personal portrait collection. Print sizes starting at 11×14 are traditional wall portrait sizes, meaning that the portrait is best viewed from a distance of three feet, which is a comfortable distance for a viewer to stand from the wall. Also, think of the impact you want your portrait to have on guests in your home. A 20×24 portrait makes a statement and draws the viewer in from across the room to “take in” the image. An 8×10 portrait on the wall draws the viewer closer simply because they cannot see the image from a distance.

Below is a size reference to show wall portrait sizes set to scale against an 8 foot couch. Our Standard Wall Portrait size (20×24) is highlighted in green.