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This is a shameless mom-post. Isn’t my Sarah cute? (Just nod your head and agree!) She’s nearly 21 months – and seems to be on the cusp of her terrible twos. She’s learning to pitch fits when she doesn’t get her way and when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be and you give her that…

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Clovers, Cupcakes & Ice Cream – Mmmmm Mmmm Good!

Growing up in Iowa, I joined 4-H when I was in elementary school after a not-so-enthusiastic endeavor into Brownies & Girl Scouts. 4-H was more my speed as it allowed me to pursue my individual interests (such as baking, photography and raising rabbits). The program helped give me a good foundation on how to set…

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Mother’s Day: Perfect Gift

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’ve probably caught me wearing my favorite jewelry pieces from Sentimental Silverâ„¢. My good friend Christi J is the owner/designer of this hip line of personalized sterling silver jewelry and I wanted to share her website and a few pictures since Mother’s Day is less than a month…

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My 4 year old, Kevin, started t-ball last month. His first game was actually last weekend but I had to miss it because my 20 month old developed *another* ear infection and I was with her at the doctor’s office last weekend. So – today was the first game I was able to watch and…

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