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Kids Fly Safe

Since both my husband’s and my family lives in the Midwest, we fly, on average, 2-3 times a year, if not more (Sarah took 6 round trip flights in her first year!)  Scott and I have the “get to the gate” routine down to a science and both kids are pretty well behaved on the flights. BUT this is all dependent on there being TWO of us to man all the bags, stroller and car seats… I am doing the unthinkable (at least to me!) next month: Flying solo with 2 kids.

I came across this product Tuesday, in an old issue of Good Housekeeping that was at the YMCA (I was stuck with GH because all the old issues of People, Star, US Weekly and OK! were taken!)

CARES Kids Fly Safe – FAA approved Child Restraint Harness.  If you look at their website, it looks like a really cool product (and it received the GH “Good Buy 2008” award). It offers the safety of the shoulder harness for the toddlers without the bulk and hassle of hauling the carseat on board the plane! I bought one today for Sarah – I will have a full usage review in May!

Kids fly safe FAA approved Saftey Harness

4 thoughts on “Kids Fly Safe

  1. Whoa, cool! I’ll have to check this out – flying with my toddler next month!

  2. What a neat product. I wish that thing had been around when mine were little. It sure would have helped with busy little ones, especially on the long plane rides.

  3. It is for kids 22-44 pounds. Hi, I have used this and we sell them (to Canadians!) and it is fabulous! My 5 year old thought it was great! You might also want to check out the gogokidz Travelmate. You can google it or you can check it out on our site- If you want to bring your own car seat instead of renting one at your desitnation, the travelmate is the way to go!

  4. Hi – I just read that you have bought a CARES child aviation restraint. I am the grandma who invented it, and I love to hear about new families joining the 17,000 “plus” who already own a CARES. I designed it after watching my oldest daughter struggle with a toddler, a 7 month pregnant belly, a 20 lb car seat and a diaper bag. The word about CARES is spreading – and blogs like yours are spreading it. I really wanted the airlines to be the buyers – and hand CARES out to little people the way they hand out extender belts to really big people….maybe some day if enough people speak up! Happy flying!

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