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Mother’s Day: Perfect Gift

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’ve probably caught me wearing my favorite jewelry pieces from Sentimental Silverâ„¢. My good friend Christi J is the owner/designer of this hip line of personalized sterling silver jewelry and I wanted to share her website and a few pictures since Mother’s Day is less than a month away. (Note: since these necklaces are handmade, the ordering deadline for Mom’s day is Sunday, April 20th.)

My suggestion is to forward this link to your hubby with a “hint hint” type of email (and I assure you, Christi is used to working with ALL sorts of clueless guys who are buying presents for their special gals) or maybe just treat yourself to something special this spring.  I can say that Grandmas also LOVE the necklaces!

BONUS: Use the coupon code “MOM” to receive 20% off your order (excludes gift certificate purchases.)

These are images she sent me from her latest BLOG entry introducing her newest pendants that are shaped like stars. She also has circles, squares, ovals and other shapes available.

sterling silver mommy necklace

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Perfect Gift

  1. Oh wow, those are just gorgeous! Such a perfect Mom’s Day gift!

  2. Stop tempting me! I love these.

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