Scottsdale Newborn Photographer – Baby Aleeza

2013 continues to be the year of younger siblings for me. It’s always a delight to receive phone calls and emails letting me know that new babies are on their way and asking to schedule sessions to capture this milestone for families. I photographed Aleeza’s older sister Maren in early 2012 and it was wonderful […]

Miss Maya – One Year Portrait Session

Little Miss Maya, and her delightful dog Tuscan, drove down with their parents from northeast Arizona for a portrait session with me a couple of weeks ago. SO much fun! As you can see, both children cooperated wonderfully and let their personalities shine through to the portraits. It was funny to watch Maya chew on […]

Scottsale Professional Photographer – Little Miss Chatterbox

Miss Hannah is going to be a talker – at not-quite-one-year-old, she is one of the most vocal “babies” I have ever photographed.  And she does it in the most adorable fashion – chattering on for a few minutes and then breaking out into a delightful set of giggles and grins. It’s as if she’s […]

First Birthday Portraits – Clara is one!

I have really enjoyed photographing this little lady as she has grown from a lovingly anticipated bun in the oven to a walking, talking, “I know what I want” pre-toddler. This is what I love about my job – meeting a couple expecting their first child and having the opportunity to capture these special milestones […]

Baby Photographer – Phoenix: Carina at 7 Months!

As a baby photographer, I have a hard time not “oohing” in delight at the sight of the creamy goodness of a baby’s soft skin. Carina has the perfect complexion of a seven month old and the delightful smiles that just warm your heart. We had a lot of fun at her “sitting up” milestone […]

Phoenix Newborn Portraits – Meet Nixon!

This little sweetie came in a couple of months ago for her first portrait session. At almost 5 weeks of age she was very expressive and WIDE awake for a majority of the session. Mom indicated that she really liked the color purple and so I worked with that as an overall theme, incorporating purple […]

Phoenix Newborn Photographer – Athena

This is a session from two years ago that I somehow neglected to share! Mom contacted me recently to order a few additional prints from Miss Athena’s newborn portrait session and it was a great trip down memory lane to look through these images. As you can see, she was a sweet and adorable newborn […]

Phoenix Baby Photographer – Sam is 1!

Meet Super Sam – an adorable little guy who was just happy, happy, HAPPY at his 1 year old portrait session. He wore his super cape, rocked out some plaid and dove into his cake like he’d never tasted something so sweet. He’s the little brother of a client I photographed a couple of years […]

Scottsdale Baby Photographer – Meet Tyler!

A couple of weeks ago I had a fabulous time with a family that came into my studio for portraits. The goal of the session was to capture baby Tyler at 7 months (the “oh so cute!” sitting milestone) as well as update family portraits and capture some cuteness of his older sisters with him. […]

Phoenix Baby Photographer – Micah at 6 months!

Micah came to visit me recently for his six month portrait session. We had a lot of fun playing with some new backgrounds and buckets and chewing on wooden blocks. He is such a smiley, expressive little guy it was hard to let him go home with Mom!