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Creative Memories Easy Chevron Scrapbook Border

chevron border creative memories meggan jacks scrapbooking
Check out the photos and video below to see how to make this fun, EASY chevron scrapbook border.

Chevrons – too much work?

I love the look of chevrons in a scrapbook border and page, but they can sometimes be a bit tedious to create. The Creative Memories 12 inch Trimmer comes with a 45 degree line conveniently located on the trimmer bed. This is super handy, but lining up each cut can be a bit arduous, especially if you are making cut after cut after cut for chevron strips!

Trimmer Hack Ahead!

Alas! I’ve found a quick and easy trimmer hack that will have you zipping through those angled cuts and loving every minute of making a nifty chevron border. You just need a piece of 4×6 cardboard chipboard. Each pack of Creative Memories cardstock or album pages come with a chipboard insert so hopefully this is something you have in your stash.

I have some photos below to share how to make the jig and if you tune into the video (where I also show how to make the jig) you can see how to create a fun, EASY, chevron border for your scrapbook. I use Creative Memories Christmas Spirit collection for my sample, with a little bit of Magic Awaits mixed in.

45 Degree Trimmer Jig Tutorial

45 degree angle jig for creative memories 12 inch decorative trimmer
Trim a piece of chipboard or thin cardboard to 4×6. Align with the 45 degree angle on the trimmer bed so that the upper right corner lines up with the 2 inch mark as shown. Make a cut to create a 45 degree angle on the chipboard.
how to create a 45 degree angle guide for the 12 inch trimmer from creative memories
After cutting, push the jig up towards the top of the trimmer bed and align it with the
45 degree angle mark. Check for jig accuracy.
If it all looks good, use washi tape to secure the jig to the trimmer. I tried other adhesive options and the washi tape worked the best.
a 45 degree cardboard guide for the creative memories trimmer makes creating a chevron scrapbook border easy
When using the jig to trim your chevrons, be sure to keep the FOLDED edge of the strip against the cardboard for best results.

Creative Memories Scrapbook Border Video