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Phoenix Newborn Photographer | Sera {4 weeks}

Last month I was visited by a jet-setting trio of sisters – Sofia and Stella (along with their mom) brought in their adorable new sister, Sera for some portraits. They were in Scottsdale, fresh from Zurich, for a brief stay before moving on to Calgary for the summer and then back to Europe.  I admit, I wanted to pack myself a bag head off with them!

The session went beautifully -  Sera woke up only for a quick snack and Sofia and Stella are clearly adoring older sisters. Here are a few of my favorites:

Phoenix newborn photographerScottsdale baby photographer

scottdale newborn photographer

Scottsdale Professional Photographer

Phoenix Child Photographer

Scottsdale child photographer

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  1. Cute! Their pigtails add so much spunk to these! What a gorgeous little family:)

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