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Scrapbook Live with Meggan March 15, 2023

When this layout popped up in the marketing materials for the Painted Garden collection, I knew it would be a MUST DO for Scrapbook Live. I just love the 12-Inch Decorative Trimmer and any chance I get to play with it is a good day of scrapbooking!

I had photos from Halloween 2006 (!) that I wanted to use and the retired Wickedly Cute papers worked perfect for the youthful vibe of a baby’s first Halloween. 🙂

At the very end of the Live Video I reference the option to create/use a template cut from cardstock. Below are some photos with more details on how you would do that.

Insert cardstock into the 12″ Decorative Trimmer as shown. Make sure to center from top to bottom and to leave plenty of room on the right of the wavy cut line as the right section of the cut will be the template.
Adhere the 2″ section of decorative paper as described in the layout instructions (Step 1) and then place the template to align with where you want to start your border (My photo above is showing how to place the template, but I don’t have a decorative strip shown)
Use the template to help align your first row of wavy segments. They should nestle right into the troughs of the template. Take your time placing the first row as this will determine how the following rows are set.
After placing the first row you can remove the template. Adhere the rest of the segments, making sure NOT to overlap side to side as you place them. They should butt up right next to each other side to side but not overlap. Finish the layout as described in the handout.

Then Handout

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